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Your TIME begins now.

An observed phenomenon, time is an intangible measure we use to record our environment. We define ourselves with it: we’re busy, swamped, overbooked. Time is a commodity: we value and spend it. There rarely seems to be enough of it: we resolve to find more time to share with those we care about.

Throughout our years in the British Columbia wine industry, an idea evolved out of our belief that winemaking is about time and place. Along the way, it became TIME.

Our Wines

We craft our wines using grapes grown in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. Nature guides our decisions on which grape varieties are best suited to which site; since 1993 we’ve listened closely to our vineyard, making slight changes along the way.

For us, making wine is about time and place. It’s investing our time: documenting and studying each vintage, paying attention to the vines, and noting that which is discernable only when we take a moment to pause. It also means respecting the land: using mindful farming practices, employing new technologies to reduce our environmental footprint, and listening for the unique qualities of our region's terroir.

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