Chef AK Campbell & his team have created a convenient and delicious selection of meal kits, frozen items, house-made preserves, sauces and seasoning made using the fresh, quality ingredients and the unique flavour profiles you have come to love from the TIME kitchen.

Brendo’s Housemade Pasta is packaged in 8oz portions, designed to serve 1-2 guests. Each packet of housemade pasta is quick-frozen for freshness.  Just add your favourite sauce for a perfect dinner at home.

Our meal kits are expertly packed and prepared by the TIME Kitchen team. Enjoy minimal preparation time in the comfort of your own home. Detailed instructions and pro plating tips are included with each kit.

For information on dine-in and take-out menus from TIME Winery & Kitchen please follow this link.

Remember your wine!

Suggested wine pairings are listed on this page, however, you may choose from our full selection of wines HERE to compliment your online order.

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