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Upcoming Shipments and FAQS

We want you to get the most out of your club experience and are always happy to answer questions. Take a look at the information below and if you are needing additional assistance we will be happy to help.

Upcoming Shipments

Fall club shipment – Week of September 16th 2024

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my membership package?

Login to your account and adjust your selections by noting your choice of packages. You may always add to your shipment beyond your club cases to get more of what you love.

Can I choose my own wines?

YES! Select the Curated Series membership option and choose from varietals, styles and labels.

Legacy members may choose to select a label or style and we do the rest.

Can I skip a shipment?

Of course. After receiving two consecutive shipments, you may put your membership on hold for any reason. We are also happy to delay shipments or accommodate other shipping requests on a per case basis.

Can I pick up my wine in person?

Yes! At our member exclusive pick up parties or at an arranged time we will be happy to assist you with pick up at one of our properties. Please contact our wine club coordinator at to coordinate. Wine that is not picked up within 2 weeks of the arranges pick up date will be automatically shipped at cost to the member.

How am I charged? What does it cost?

You pay for what you order plus taxes. Cost of your shipment will depend on which selections you have made across our portfolio. There are no annual fees for membership and no fees to skip a shipment. Payment processed at time of shipping. Valid credit card must be on file to complete your shipment.

When are you shipping?

Our club shipment occur in March and September each year, typically in the second or third week of the month. We do our best to avoid long weekends and holidays to ensure you are available to receive your wine. Communication on specific days will be communicated several times leading up to shipping dates by email.

Who will ship my wine?

We ship most often using ATS using temperature controlled trucks. In the event that your address is rural or remote we will use Canada Post. Deliveries containing alcohol legally require a signature from an individual of legal drinking age. We are unable to ship to post office boxes. To avoid delivery delays please ensure the delivery company is able to access your home without issue.

How do I cancel my membership?

Members are expected to commit to one full delivery cycle – 2 shipments in a calendar year. Cancellations prior to meeting this commitment may be subject to a cancellation fee. Membership will continue until we receive a request to cancel. Cancellation notifications must be made 72 hours prior to the next shipment’s cut-off date which will be communicated several times via email.

The fine print:

In order to keep your club experience running smoothly, please keep in mind the following details

  • All wine club communication occurs via email so please do not disable your email subscription
  • It is the responsibility of the member to keep their membership information up to date including mailing address, email address, phone number and credit card. Please check your account to ensure these details have not been entered correctly or are out of date
  • Unless you request to skip or customize a shipment you will be automatically charged and sent your selected wine package
  • Membership is ongoing until we receive request to cancel. Cancellation must occur at least 72 hours ahead of the next shipment’s cut-off date
  • Case purchases outside of the wine club shipment timeline do not count towards a completed shipment. Additional wine is always welcome to be purchased at any time throughout the year in addition to your twice annually shipped club selections

Need more information or have further questions? Please contact us at or 236-422-2556 and we will be happy to help


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